Simple Microdermabrasion Aftercare Tips

Increased skin sensitivity, slight redness, and irritation can occur after a microdermabrasion treatment, although the procedure is non-invasive and generally safe.

The above mentioned side effects are usually mild, they resolve within a few hours, leaving the skin softer and smoother.

But now it’s the time to provide proper aftercare in order to increase the benefits and enjoy the effect of the deep microdermabrasion exfoliation for as long as possible.

Microdermabrasion aftercare tips

In short, you’ll need to avoid irritants, provide optimal hydration and keep your skin constantly protected from the sun.

Avoiding irritants

Irritants are those products that may additionally increase irritation after your microderm treatment. Such include

  • Harsh chemical compounds
  • Common ingredients, available In cosmetic formula:

Acidic compounds such as AHAs (lactic acid. Among others are citric acid, hydroxycaprylic acid, and hydroxycapric acid), BHAs (salicylic acid, Citric acid), Retin-A

Fragrant ingredients

Alcohol-based compounds, such as Benzyl Alcohol, Alpha Amyl Cinnamic Alcohol, Cinnamic, Alcohol, Cinnamyl Alcohol

  • Heavy makeup products – the best option is to use eye and lip makeup only
  • Avoid swimming in chlorinated pools, as chlorine will dry out your skin and increase flaking
  • Avoid prolonged physical activities during the next 24 hours after the procedure – increased sweating may provoke skin irritation
  • Avoid tan beds for the next 7 days. After that, keep avoiding them, it’s for your own good

Don’t forget to moisturize

Apply a deep penetrating cream or lotion of your choice at least twice a day. Hydrating your skin will prevent the excess peeling. The regeneration process happens faster and the skin cells perform better, which will result in fresher, more radiant skin.

Remember that moisturizing the skin should happen at an intracellular level as well. Drinking plenty of water will keep your skin optimally hydrated and will boost skin cell performance.

Try not to touch the treated skin

Your hands are covered in oils and bacteria and simply washing them won’t help. If you are used to picking your skin, the post-microdermabrasion period is not a good time to do that as the skin may get severely irritated. Additionally, the process of skin picking results in spreading bacteria, causing more damage.

If you experience a tingling sensation after your microdermabrasion session, avoid scratching ass well!
Remember to wash your hands every time before applying moisturizer, sunscreen or makeup products.

Avoid facial hair removal

This includes facial waxing, use of depilatory creams, electrolysis, IPL and all other procedures that may provoke or increase skin irritation.

Stay away from the sun

During the next 2 or 3 days after the microdermabrasion treatment, exposing your skin to the harmful UV rays is not recommended. Apply an SPF product every 2-3 hours during the next few days after the procedure. Seek for sunscreen factor 30 or more to make sure your skin is well protected.

  • Using SPF products with 5%-10% zinc will fasten the healing process
  • Look for sunscreen products containing Mexoryl – it provides both UVA/UVB broad-spectrum protection
  • Choosing a product intended for sensitive skin will guarantee you no side effects
  • Wearing a hat and sunglasses will provide additional protection for your freshly uncovered skin

Give your skin enough time to recover

Depending on the microdermabrasion method you have chosen, you might need 1 to 4 weeks between treatments. Usually, at home microdermabrasion devices are considered less aggressive and the time required between 2 consecutive sessions is no more than 2 weeks. But if your treatment was performed on higher settings, you may need to wait about a month before the skin is prepared for the next deep exfoliation.

Soothing your skin after microdermabrasion

If you experience any side effects after undergoing microdermabrasion treatment, you might want to cool your skin down. If irritation, redness or burning sensation appear, splash your face with cool water to reduce the discomfort. You can also rub ice cubes if the symptoms are bothering you. Usually, all side effects of microdermabrasion treatment should completely disappear within the next 24 hours.

Monitor your skin during the next few days. Swelling and redness are normal after a microdermabrasion session but they shouldn’t last more than 2-3 days. Pimples and acne breakouts are not usual reactions and if you notice such, please contact your dermatologist or the aesthetician who performed the procedure.

Vanessa Micoff MD

Dr. Vanessa Micoff received her Bachelor of Science degree in Venereology from the University of California, Riverside and her M.D. from the University of California, San Diego. She is a member of multiple dermatology associations and lecturer. More about her here.

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