TopDirect MDA machine

3 in 1 Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine by TopDirect

TopDirect microderm kit might not be among those luxury machines, intended for deep skin peeling but is one of the few microdermabrasion devices with an impressively positive reputation.

The unit combines 3 features – diamond microdermabrasion, powerful vacuum suction, and gentle mist-steam. The manufacturers of the device did their best to provide all you need for a high-quality microdermabrasion session.

If you have spent some time researching different options for home microdermabrasion, you might have noticed that most machines don’t provide more than 30 mm/Hg suction power but this TopDirect machine offers 65-68cm/Hg suction, more than twice more powerful!

If you take a look at the machine, it has the same features and components the professional machines have. The speedometer shows the intensity used, while you can choose between 9 diamond tips with different coarseness. You can also choose your vacuum tip – for instance, you’ll use the thinnest nozzle if you’d like to extract a particular blackhead, and one of the wider ones, if there are more imperfections you’d like to extract.

In short, TopDirect MDA kit offers the same functionality any professional machine would. For the price of a single session in most salons.

Pros and Cons


  • Same functionality and power as professional microderm machines
  • You get an additional component for mist spraying the treated skin after each procedure
  • Strong vacuum suction to extract blackheads and increase blood flow and 3 different types of PVC vacuum hoses
  • Mild, moderate and coarse tips you can use on different body parts and that will comply with your skin type
  • An affordable price, compared to similar devices


  • The dimensions of the TopDirect microdermabrasion machine make it hardly portable and space consuming (although, there are multiple comments saying the exact opposite)
  • Not popular among MDA machines

TopDirect Microderm Specifics

Suction power Adjustable, up to 65-68cm/Hg
Ease of use Comparatively easy (you need to follow the instructions in the user manual)
Stability The device is rigid, very similar to the professional MDA machines
Warranty 1 year
Accessories 3 x PVC vacuum nozzles, 1 mist spray bottle; 2 x diamond wands, 9 x diamond tips with different coarseness; an oil filter; 3 x glass Tubes; a bag of cotton filters; user manual
Customer support Very responsive to messages
Pricing Around $120
Power Source Electric;  110V

How will the TopDirect Microdermabrasion machine help your skin?

TopDirect MD device works by removing skin debris, superficial scars, blemishes, fine lines, and uneven pigmentation. The non-invasive resurfacing technique aims to remove the top layer, composed of dead skin cells, impurities, and sebum. The vacuum feature provides deep tissue massage, promoting blood circulation, consequently, improved skin cell regeneration.

The procedure is not as powerful as the one that is performed at professional aesthetic salons but is just as beneficial if you are using your TopDirect MDA kit on a regular basis. With very little effort, you’ll be able to reveal a fresher, brighter and more radiant appearance.

The special mist spray bottle you’ll get in the TopDirect Microdermabrasion kit is also something to appreciate. The fine mist spray will keep your skin well moisturized, smooth and well-nourished after each procedure. All you need to do is fill 1/2 to 3/4 of the bottle with your favorite toner (avoid alcohol-based toners), and press the top of the bottle to create a mist spray. You can actually use the special mist spray bottle on a daily basis – this way, your face toner will be evenly distributed and your face will feel fresh and clean all day long.

Consumer feedback

You’ll be surprised to learn that the TopDirect Microdermabrasion Kit has a very positive online performance. Most users did appreciate the effect of their microderm procedures and the way the machine operates. Softer skin, more even complexion and imperfections made almost invisible are just some of the effects users described.

There are lots of reviews saying that TopDirect MDA device works the same way professional machines do. What’s more – major users noticed major changes when it comes to uneven skin tone – some even managed to eliminate deep acne scars.

Below is the comment of a lady who used to have crystal dermabrasion procedures at a professional salon but they no longer seemed as efficient. She decided to purchase her own microdermabrasion machine and use it more often instead:

I decided to find an affordable home machine, in hopes of duplicating the diamond treatment multiple times at the one-time price of one or two in office procedures. I think I’ve done it!

Someone else noticed visible improvements following the second use of TopDirect microderm:

it has since made my skin (facial) looked more youthful in appearance and softer in texture (dry due to weather change)

A 5-star review raves about the multiple options of the machine:

Great price with lots of diamond heads.

Consumers seem to be very happy with the portable size of the device as well:

It’s so small and compact and it does just as good if not better than a full size machine!

There are several demotivating comments written by people who have received defective MDA machines and decided to return or ask for refunds.

Turned machine on and it worked fine. Turned it on a second time and it was broken.

And there are those who didn’t receive a product manual in their TopDirect Kit, and will, therefore, return the item:

There are no instructions whatsoever, enclosed as to how you put the many parts and pieces and hoses onto the suction device.

The good news is that there are no negative reviews regarding the effect of the treatment – everyone seems satisfied with the results, following exfoliation.

TopDirect microderm machine’s price

If compared to similar devices, the price of TopDirect Kit is almost twice as cheap. And you’ll also get a mist-spray bottle as a gift from the company.

After checking dozens of consumer’ reviews, it appears that this machine offers good quality microdermabrasion procedures but might be a better investment if you’re looking for a stable, intensive and multi-functional device.


Vanessa Micoff MD

Dr. Vanessa Micoff received her Bachelor of Science degree in Venereology from the University of California, Riverside and her M.D. from the University of California, San Diego. She is a member of multiple dermatology associations and lecturer. More about her here.

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