Zeny Pro Diamond Microdermabrasion

ZENY Pro Diamond Microdermabrasion

Budget-friendly and easy to manipulate diamond microdermabrasion (MDA). Isn’t that what we’re all looking for?

Zeny Pro is one of the very few options for having your own home microdermabrasion machine for less than $100. The semi-professional procedures combine strong suction power and gentle, yet deep skin peeling.

Zeny Pro is the unpretentious version of all those MDA machines costing hundreds of dollars but doing pretty much the same. And the machine comes with multiple accessories, plus extra parts, so your procedures are completely covered during the next two or three years, depending on how often you use your MDA kit.

Pros and Cons of Zeny Pro


  • Diamond MDA machine for unlimited use at the price of a single session at a beauty salon
  • Safe to use on all body parts
  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • One of the most affordable microderm machines you can find
  • Zeny Pro comes with a 1-year warranty


  • The dimensions of Zeny Pro don’t make it a portable MDA machine, even though you can find this misinformation in most reviews
  • There are no cleaning brushes included in the pack
  • There are people who did not receive a product manual, so they needed t watch online tutorials in order to understand how to properly use their device

What’s included in Zeny Pro set?

Zeny Pro comes with everything you need to perform at-home microdermabrasion sessions, plus you get replacements, absolutely for free. The company is indeed generous because the parts included will guarantee you deep skin exfoliation and rejuvenation for the next 2 or 3 years.

Zeny Pro Set

Zeny Pro microderm machine comes with:

  • PVC vacuum hose
  • 3 stainless steel wands
  • 9 diamond tips with different coarseness
  • 2 packs of cotton filters with different size
  • Connector, tube rings & fuses
  • English manual
Max suction power 65-68cmHg
Ease of use Instructions in the product manual are not clear enough; Online tutorials are recommended
Stability High-quality design
Warranty 1-year warranty
Customer support No complaints; very responsive to messages
Pricing Less than $100
Power Source Electric;  110-120V

How to use your Zeny Pro microderm kit?

Just like any other home MDA machine, Zeny Pro is intended to provide deep, yet absolutely safe skin exfoliation, without damaging your skin integrity and overall condition. The exfoliation process is combined with an intensive suction feature to eliminate all contaminants, dead skin cells and sebum accumulated on the skin surface.

All you need to do is just turn on your machine and start pulling the first area you intend to exfoliate. Rotate the microdermabrasion handle onto your skin in an upward circular motion, making 2-3 passes on each area.

A great thing about Zeny Pro is that the machine can be used on almost all body areas, including the face, neck, shoulders, abdomen (if your skin is affected by stretch marks), and even hips. The only thing to remember is that the area should be pulled tight in order to obtain maximum benefits from the procedure. When the skin is pulled tight, the contact with the diamond tip is better and the exfoliation is much deeper.

How to clean and maintain Zeny Pro?

Unfortunately, the set does not provide cleaning brushes. You can use a soft toothbrush for cleaning the machine – soap and water will remove the contaminants from the wand. For the diamond tips, it is recommended to use alcohol – just soak the used tips to disinfect them.

Taking proper care of the diamond tips will help them last longer. Remember that all parts need to be thoroughly dry before the next use.

Zeny Pro users share

As strange as it may seem, this budget-friendly MDA machine provides the effect of profession salon sessions. Most people are pleasantly surprised by the strong suction features and the good quality of the device.

Here’s a comment from a woman saying that the machine performs better than her previous MDA device:

After using this machine, I’ve realized that my other machine was a dud. This machine has so much suction, I was only on about 4 and it was fabulous

Another lady who used to work at a spa salon and often had microderm procedures moved to a different city where she can’t afford the pampering so she decided to purchase her own microderm machine:

This machine works just as well as the expensive one at the spa. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase!

The next reviewer considers Zeny Pro an excellent substitute to spa procedures:

I will never spend money on microdermabrasion sessions at the spa!

Unfortunately, there are people who did not have a great experience with this Zeny Pro MDA kit. Read the following lines before purchasing your machine so you’re not left unpleasantly surprised.

Here’s someone who received a defective appliance and decided to return it right away:

The motor made a “whirrrr” sound but gauge did not budge…the machine I received did not work at all. I was pleased with the return process.

However, this lady wasn’t lucky enough with Zeny customer service:

After literally only the 3rd time, the suction on the machine completely stopped working. I tried to contact the company and get a refund or a new machine sent to me and have still not heard anything back.

Final words

Zeny Pro might not be intended to perform the ultimate exfoliation procedures. It is not as aggressive as salon MDA sessions but, on the other hand, you will be able to use the machine more often, without worrying that it may harm your skin. It will indeed repair skin imperfections over time and will certainly make you appreciate all the positive aspects of at-home microderm sessions.

Convenient, easy-to-use and super affordable – those are the most suitable words to describe Zeny Pro.

Vanessa Micoff MD

Dr. Vanessa Micoff received her Bachelor of Science degree in Venereology from the University of California, Riverside and her M.D. from the University of California, San Diego. She is a member of multiple dermatology associations and lecturer. More about her here.

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