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MiniMD by Trophy Skin

Trophy Skin created their MiniMD version of their popular MicrodermMD device for all those who’d rather have a portable version of the diamond microdermabrasion machine. The MiniMD is designed for beginners, those, who never had a microdermabrasion session and prefer having a milder exfoliation.

Compared to MicrodermMD, the MiniMD has less suction power and fewer features consumers can use but can be carried in a purse. The handheld device provides spa-quality treatments as long as you are using yours on a regular basis (2 or 3 times a week).

MiniMD is an affordable option for everyone who is willing to try the effect of in-depth exfoliation without worrying about side effects or skin reactions.

This compact and convenient home microdermabrasion machine is dermatologist-recommended and offers pretty much the same results as a professional session.

Trophy Skin MiniMD: What you’ll get?

  • The MiniMD device, offering 2 suction power levels
  • 30 pack of filters
  • Standard diamond tip (suitable for the face, neck, chest, arms, legs and the whole body)
    *Additional tips are sold separately. Such include Fine tip, Precision tip, Body tip, Pore extraction tip, and pore infusion tip
  • Power adapter, allowing you to use your MD device with 100V-240V outlets
  • User manual with very straightforward instructions, according to consumers
  • 6-months warranty

Pros and Cons of Trophy Skin MiniMD


  • Provides a smoother skin texture and evens out skin tone
  • Gentle performance, suitable for people who haven’t experienced microdermabrasion
  • 100% portable home microderm device
  • An average session duration takes no more than 5 minutes
  • The diamond tip lasts from 6 months to a year (depending on how often you use your handheld device)


  • Not waterproof, so you can’t perform your sessions in the shower
  • The unit should be plugged into an outlet while it is running. Some users consider this a bit annoying

Trophy Skin MiniMD: How to use?

First, you need to thoroughly clean your face. Pat dry and turn on the MD device

The treated skin should be pulled tight before placing the diamond tip on it.

Use short, even strokes and gently move the tip across the skin, maintaining good contact all the while. (Do not push the diamond tip as this may damage the skin)

You can treat your face, neck, chest, arms, hands or feet up to 3 times per week. It is highly recommended to start with the lower setting increasing the suction intensity over time as needed. Skip the area, surrounding your eyes!

MiniMD: Cleaning and maintenance

You should change the black wool filter each time you use the MiniMD. You’ll notice dead skin cells, dirt, and sebum accumulated in the filter even after the initial treatment session. All those compounds are clogging your pores and making your appearance dull and lifeless.

The diamond tip of the device can be soaked in alcohol or washed with liquid soap and clean water. Note that the diamond tip should be completely dry before each use.

Consumer reviews

The overall satisfaction rate among consumers is not very impressive, although there are people who got major improvements following MiniMD treatments. Almost everybody agrees that the skin becomes indeed smoother even after the initial use but very visible skin imperfections didn’t disappear completely.

A 67-years-old lady who is farsighted used a 15x magnifying mirror while performing microdermabrasion to her skin. She says she clearly sees that the dead cells on top of her skin have been ruffed up in each area after using MiniMD. She hopes to see continued improvements and smaller pores, adding:

After this first treatment and toner I applied some moisturizing serum and right now my face feels so soft and smooth

Another comment, written by someone who has her Trophy Skin MiniMD says:

It definitely has less suction power than the bigger version but it serves its purpose

Someone with oily skin and enlarged pores shares a very positive experience after combining the Trophy Skin MiniMD with facial steaming (prior to the microderm procedure)

 I use the highest power. I put Vitamin C serum on after.

Sadly, not everybody liked it

For instance, a consumer who bought the MiniMD saw no improvements after multiple sessions:

Did not notice a difference after using for 3 months.

The next comment is even more disturbing – written by a woman who received 2 defective devices (luckily, the company didn’t charge for the second one:

The first one that came died on me after 3 use. I contacted the customer service (which was good) and got the replacement after paying for the shipping. In last 6 months, I used it again 3 to 4 times and it died again.


Vanessa Micoff MD

Dr. Vanessa Micoff received her Bachelor of Science degree in Venereology from the University of California, Riverside and her M.D. from the University of California, San Diego. She is a member of multiple dermatology associations and lecturer. More about her here.

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